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Troev, Theodor

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Financial Times - United Kingdom | 31/10/2006

A pro-European victory in Bulgarian presidential elections

Georgi Parvanov emmerged victorious from the presidential elections in Bulgaria on Sunday October 29th, with 76% of the vote over his far-right challenger Volen Siderov, leader of the nationalist party Ataka who captured 24%. The journalists Theodor Troev and Kerin Hope comment that the victory was portrayed in Sofia as a "triumph for pro-European Union forces on the brink of the country's EU accession on January 1st. ... Mr Parvanov's victory was eased by the lack of a serious challenger from the right-of-centre parties. ... Ataka is not a threat to Bulgaria's credentials as a new EU member-state according to Daniel Smilov of the Centre for Liberal Strategies (CLS), a Sofia think tank. 'Bulgaria still has no anti-European party. Despite its questionable policies and positions on many issues, Ataka had not claimed the banner of Eurosceptism or anti-Europeanism'."

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