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Trifi, Mokhtar

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Le Soir - Belgium | 19/06/2006

The UN and human rights

The president of the Tunisian Human Rights League, Mokhtar Trifi, talks about his country's appointment to the Council in an interview with Baudoin Loos. "When I saw the names of a series of countries included in the new Human Rights Council, I was immediately disappointed precisely because these states, Tunisia among them, simply have no respect themselves for human rights. And they are now being asked to ensure that others respect these rights! ... Each state that sought membership on the Council had to present its human rights dossier. If you take Tunisia, this country has refused to allow visits from several special UN investigators looking into torture and justice, among other issues, despite repeated demands. This behaviour is formally prohibited in the Council's statutes. ... So what are we to make of Tunisia's inclusion?"

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