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Trenkner, Joachim

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Tygodnik Powszechny - Poland | 09/04/2008

The Poles and Berlin

The Centre for Historical Research in Berlin, which belongs to the Polish Academy of Sciences, has begun a new long-term research project called "We Berliners!" about the influence of Poles on the German metropolis. In an interview with Joachim Trenkner, Robert Traba, director of the research centre, points out that Germans and Poles need to know more about the development of their bilateral relations. "We must finally grasp the fact that our common history consists of more than just a couple of decades in the 20th century. We should see it from a 'long-term' perspective that takes into account the diversity of historical events, and explore it using different research methods. This certainly won't have the effect of playing down its importance. On the contrary, the point of all dialogue in sciences is the reassessment of research methods regarding the most important subjects and the creation of new challenges, because so many perspectives come into play, including those that result from different national traditions."

Tygodnik Powszechny - Poland | 09/06/2006

Germany in football fever

Joachim Trenkner reports on how FIFA, the international football association, has seen its popularity plunge as a result of what is perceived as poor organisation of the 2006 World Cup. "Never before have the plans for the World Cup been so ambitious, or so reckless. Never before have the organisers had so many problems, even before the first whistle is blown. Nor have they ever had to face the amount of animosity and annoyance they have aroused this time among those they are supposedly organising the games for - namely the average football fans. According to the Emnid Institute's most recent surveys, 53 percent of Berlin's residents are looking forward to the World Cup, while 49 percent have already had enough of it even before it's begun. It's difficult to find anyone who has a good word to say about FIFA at the moment."

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