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Trefgarne, George

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The Spectator - United Kingdom | 21/07/2006

Airbus defies market logic

Journalist George Trefgarne heaps scorn on the Airbus A380 as a "superjumbo-sized monument to Euro folly" whose value lies not in its flawed business model, but political symbolism. "Conceived by French and German politicians; bureaucratic, expensive and dogged by scandal — the A380 is indeed a wonderful monument to the European Union. In fact, so short is this engineering marvel on market logic that there is a small but distinct risk that it could bring down not only Airbus and its Franco–German parent company EADS, but the struggling premiership of the bouffant-haired Dominique de Villepin. There have already been some nasty scenes in the French parliament. And if that is not enough, Airbus could even ignite a vicious transatlantic trade war [with the US]. ... No ordinary company, responsible to ordinary shareholders, would hazard its capital on such a risky project as the A380."

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