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Travert, Maxime

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Libération - France | 29/06/2006

Street football, a field of experimentation

Maxime Travert, a researcher at the Marseille Faculty of Sports Sciences, regrets that the media is only interested in football played at the highest level. "What can be said about other kinds of football, conventional or otherwise, that involve ordinary people competing against each other in stadiums, in the streets, by the steps of their buildings ? ... These other ways of playing are often seen as degenerate, unnatural and savage practices, rather than fields of experimentation. ... What we need to do is take advantage of the interest in the din emanating from the World Cup's stadiums in order to draw as much attention as possible to the more muted ambiance of the game as it is played in everyday venues. More discreet, not as brightly lit, there are other kinds of football that are just as lively. Let us be attentive, because it is often behind the scenes that those things which end up being front and centre on stage, take shape."

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