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Trandafir, Gelu

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România Liberâ - Romania | 14/09/2007

The new Patriarch of the Romanian Orthodox Church

Daniel Ciobotea, the 56-year-old Metropolitan of Moldova and Bukovina, has been elected Patriarch of the Romanian Orthodox Church. Gelu Trandafir approves of Ciobeta's efforts to promote dialogue with the churches of the West. "In a globalised world, the Romanian Orthodox Church will win respect by opening up rather than by isolating itself." Trandafir recalls the meetings between Ciobotea's predecessor Teoctist and Pope John Paul II. "The Romanian Orthodox has been revitalised by the dialogue it has conducted with the Western world over the past decades, and has gained self-confidence thanks to its spiritual wealth. The Romanian Church has continued this policy in spite of the disapproval of the Patriarch in Russia. The Church must play an active role beyond Romania's borders on the European continent."

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