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Tozicka, Tomas

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Literární noviny - Czech Republic | 13/07/2006

US missile defence shield over the Czech Republic?

In the coming weeks American negotiators plan to examine the conditions for constructing a US missile defence system in the Czech Republic. Tomas Tozicka explains why he firmly opposes the project. "This missile defence shield is supposed to protect us from missile attacks from Iran and North Korea. Even though experts claim that neither of these two countries possesses missiles that could reach this far, even in optimal weather conditions, the motto seems to be: better safe than sorry. The defence shield is one of the final legacies of Ronald Reagan's 'Star Wars' plan into which the US poured millions of dollars without any concrete results. In reality, the system has just one goal: to boost the weapons industry. After the fall of the Iron Curtain the weapons industry was practically in ruins. But they soon found a new enemy: Saddam and his non-existent weapons of mass destruction."

Literární noviny - Czech Republic | 02/03/2006

Avian flu

According to Tomas Tozicka, the fuss being made about avian flu is both exaggerated and unjustified. "Up to now there have been no cases of person-to-person transmission of H5N1, yet we're contemplating a vaccine against a virus that doesn't even exist yet... Most countries are having enough problems finding medication against infections which are already rampant. Malaria and tuberculosis kill over 10 million people each year. There are effective, life-saving drugs against these diseases, but millions of people are still dying – ignored by the media and politicians. It may appear that these diseases only affect people in poor countries. TBC, however, is becoming a growing problem in Eastern Europe – and not just there. In 1991 a TBC epidemic killed over 500 people in New York. That's four times more than avian flu has killed worldwide over the past four years."

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