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Touraine, Alain

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La Repubblica - Italy | 30/11/2010

Alain Touraine defends multiculturalism against mass society

Xenophobia and discrimination against minorities are on the rise in Europe. French sociologist Alain Touraine calls in the liberal daily La Repubblica for action in defence of cultural diversity: "The true enemy of multiculturalism today is no longer an absolutism which identifies with just one religion, one nation, one language, but the globalised mass society which turns nations and cultures into markets and makes them devotees of consumption, mass communication and mass media. ... Cultural diversity can survive only if it couples the protection of specific local and cultural minorities with positive action against the dominant social and cultural schemata. Otherwise the complex diversity of cultures is in danger of being reduced to a multitude of isolated, intolerant groups obsessed with their own purity and homogeneity. The only way to prevent this negative trend is not to isolate and defend lingual or cultural-religious particularities but to attack the mass society which destroys subjectivity, traditions, rules and identities."

La Repubblica - Italy | 13/05/2010

Alain Touraine recommends Europe should dialogue with Islam

Europe's future lies in dialogue with Islam, writes sociologist Alain Touraine in the left-liberal daily La Repubblica: "Whether you look to the north, the south, the east or the west, nowhere is Europe present. Its global importance is quickly dwindling. ... We no longer live in a world that is regarded as an extension of Europe, above all of Western Europe. ... This makes it increasingly clear that Europe needs to build new relations with the Islamic world on a new footing, by turning to countries that don't have a colonial past but have always had a strong sense of statehood. This definition applies firstly to Turkey and secondly to Iran, which however is still in the process of transformation. Relations need to be built up with both countries, neither of which have succumbed to conquest ambitions or attempts to impose European-style political or cultural models on them. ... We need to discover the commonalities and the differences between these two worlds, without criticising the majority of Turkey's population's adherence to Islam - and start by freeing ourselves of Samuel Huntington's thesis according to which culture inevitably brings war."

Le Monde - France | 13/10/2009

Promoting EU membership for Turkey

A host of cultural events revolving around Turkey are being held in France this autumn to celebrate the Turkish Season. Former EU Commission president Jacques Delors, former French ministers Michel Rocard and Luc Ferry and sociologists Edgar Morin and Alain Touraine seize the occasion to argue for Turkish EU membership in the daily Le Monde: "Will the dozens of cultural events that constitute this Turkish season in France finally allow the French to discover Turkey's true face? Will we finally be able to put behind us the clichés, prejudice, disdain and ignorance that have so long polluted discussion over Turkey's membership in the European Union? It is no secret that Turkey still doesn't fulfil all of the criteria for EU accession. But does the reticent and suspicious attitude of the French really help those working in Turkey to advance the country politically and economically? ... This attitude is only bolstered by those in France who brush off all suggestions that Turkey may ever join the grand European project now underway. The integration of Europe and Turkey remains a difficult, but fascinating undertaking. Everything predestines France to be on the forefront in helping Turkey advance on its European Odyssee."

La Stampa - Italy | 24/07/2006

Alain Touraine on the feminisation of the world

In an interview with the daily's Turin correspondant, Domenico Quirico, the French sociologist Alain Touraine speaks about his new essay entitled 'The World of Women' in which he turns the tables and gives them the floor. Women's time has come not because they are liberated but because it is they who, given their different culture, are able to transform everyone's attitudes and life. "'The World of women' does not deal with the way women live. It describes an imagined world in which all initiative has passed to women. There was always a masculine world. Today, we have a world orientated towards the feminine. Which is to say that in Europe we have all gone from a society geared towards conquest - of the world, of science, of wealth - towards a culture geared towards internalisation, the individual and self-knowledge."

Le Figaro - France | 24/03/2006

The democratic answer to street violence

For the French sociologist Alain Touraine, "there is essentially no difference between the protests of November [in the suburbs] and those of March [against the First Employment Contract], even though the former concerned segments of society that were more threatened and less prepared than the latter. ... We have just seen two serious crises follow in quick succession, virtually back to back, and one sees no reason why the breakdown would not gain momentum. ... In such a situation, where things could spin out of control, the most urgent step to take is to turn to the people's representatives. We hardly hear their voices, as if they were merely there to spin their wheels. ... The parties must fulfil their role, which is an indispensable one, and get the political institutions working again in order to head off a destructive showdown between a police State and citizens-turned-rioters."

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