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Totok, William

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Die Tageszeitung taz - Germany | 17/01/2012

Protests against clique system

The international public was surprised by the protests but not so the left-leaning daily taz: "The images of burning cars, road blocks, smashed shop windows, water cannons and police wielding truncheons resembled those we know from Athens. ... The discontent of the people with the austerity measures ordered by the president and his obedient government has been simmering for some time. The dismissal of a competent undersecretary in the health ministry who had spruced up the national medical emergency service triggered the initiative. The anger of the demonstrators is directed not just at the project of a privatised emergency service but ultimately also against the Băsescu's ruling group, which is perceived as a power clique system. Only a call for early elections can counter the contemptuous words of an MP belonging to the ruling party who described the demonstrators as 'worms'. This would at least calm the mood for a while."

Die Tageszeitung taz - Germany | 20/11/2008

Racism against Roma

In view of the most recent attacks on Roma in the Czech Republic, die tageszeitung newspaper bemoans the lack of political will to combat racism against Europe's largest minority: "Sadly, the century-long chain of persecution, humiliation and racist ostracism of the 'Gypsies' continues today in the brutal attacks against the Roma. And that in EU states which profess European values. Until now people have only paid lip service to these values - which include the fight against racism. Because as long as Brussels does not insist that concrete deeds should follow the promises of governments in Hungary, the Czech Republic, Romania, Bulgaria and Slovakia, the catastrophic situation of the Roma will not improve. As we all know, there can be no enduring fight against racism as long as empty words take the place of the political will."

Die Tageszeitung taz - Germany | 28/08/2007

Concern about the right-wing extremist "Hungarian Guard"

Romanian-German journalist William Totok attributes this phenomenon, which exists in virtually all eastern European countries, to the ideological vacuum that resulted after the collapse of the Communist regime. "In many states this resulted in a simmering concoction of ideologies fed by anti-Semitic and racist stereotypes, nationalist prejudices, revisionist ambitions and a vengeful form of fundamentalism... The foundation of the 'Hungarian Guard'... should send alarm signals to all those who still believe the dangers of right-wing extremism are a figment of the lively imaginations of journalists, left-wing politicians and critical intellectuals. Prior to 1990 Hungary had a positive image in the West, which is at least partly attributable to clever lobbying. This is why the gaffes of the Fidesz government under Viktor Orbán are studiously ignored by the West, as the dangerous spread of racism and anti-Semitism in Hungary."

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