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Tóth, Barbara

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Der Standard - Austria | 31/07/2006

"Anti-politician" Hans-Peter Martin

Barbara Toth portrays European politician Hans-Peter Martin, who says he will run in Austria's parliamentary elections in October with his own "Dr. Martin List." He hopes to upset the balance of power: "This 49-year-old politician from Vorarlberg, with his gravelly voice and choleric temperament, managed to capture 14 percent of the vote when he ran for the European Parliament. He came from nowhere and had no party structure, only the backing of the Hans-Dichand empire [Kronen-Zeitung]... Martin won't just attract protest voters; he could mess up the chances of one, or even both, of the Jörg Haider clone parties getting into parliament. And indirectly he could contribute to the formation of precisely the type of government he most despises: the grand coalition… Now, as during his campaign for the Euro elections, he's presenting himself as a kind of anti-politician with the Voralbergers' passion for honesty."

Der Standard - Austria | 29/03/2006

A bank scandal rocks Austria

Austria is witnessing the greatest bank scandal in its history. The scandal, referred to as the "Caribbean mystery thriller", revolves aroung the union-owned Bank für Arbeit und Wirtschaft (Bawag). Austrian authorities are investigating eleven suspects on charges of fraud, embezzlement and accounting fraud. The bank concealed losses running to a billion euros incurred in the course of dubious dealings on Caribbean islands. For their part, trade union bosses conspired to cover up the billion-dollar speculative deals. Barbara Tóth writes about the political consequences of the affair. "Yesterday we brought down the ÖGB president, today it's the trade union boss, tomorrow, if we're lucky, it'll be the SPÖ leadership. In this spirit all parties are now engaged in the hunt for the direct and indirect perpetrators/victims of the Bawag Caribbean bust-up. The ÖVP, FPÖ, BZÖ and the Greens are all depicting the Bawag disaster as part of a corrupt system led by the reds in which even the SPÖ party headquarters is involved."

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