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Tortella, Gabriel

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El País - Spain | 21/09/2007

For Gabriel Tortella, an irrational world is more dangerous

Gabriel Tortella, professor of the history of economy, confesses that he looks back with "nostalgia on the Cold War. ... This confrontation [of Marxism and liberalism] posed great dangers, but, in the end it was a question of the clash of two rational attempts to understand human beings and society. ... [Today], terrorism has replaced the Cold War. Facing this omnipresent and indistinct threat, the United States are overcome by irrational panic that has triggered an absurd 'war against terrorism' and the inexplicable invasion of Iraq. We have entered an alarming vicious circle; hatred and fear encourage irrational behaviour. ... In this respect, we find ourselves in a world more dangerous than when rational ideologies were set against one another. Marx was a far nobler adversary than Putin, Ahmadinejad, or Ben Laden."

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