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Tonkin, Boyd

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The Independent - United Kingdom | 17/10/2007

Anne Enright wins the Booker Prize

Irish author Anne Enright has won the 2007 Booker Prize for her novel 'The Gathering'. Boyd Tonkin comments. "This decision has undoubted integrity and independence, and it rewards an author who has always shown those qualities herself. ... The Gathering sounds like a monologue by a modern Irish woman: sexually frank, unsentimental, impatient of all public and private myths. It stands in a long and illustrious line of fearless Irish naturalism. Exactly 100 years ago James Joyce was working on the stories in his collection Dubliners, a volume whose style of 'scrupulous meanness' caused outrage and disgust. Anne Enright belongs to this lineage of artistically rigorous and socially explosive Irish truth-tellers. And the truth, as the earlier naturalists believed, will set you free."

The Independent - United Kingdom | 12/10/2007

A late tribute to Doris Lessing

Literary critic Boyd Tonkin is very happy for this year's Nobel Prize winner, Doris Lessing, "the prolific and path-finding novelist whose writing has for almost six decades captured the inner turmoil and social transformations of a world in flux. ... Her surprise award (beating quoted odds of 50-1) confirms the Academy's shift over the past 15 years towards globally celebrated writers, often from the English-speaking world. ... Fiercely individual, impatient of all labels and categories, Lessing has always gone her own way. Despite her renown as a pioneer of women's fiction, she later broke ranks with 'self-indulgent' feminism, just as she had with Communism. This empathy with the outsider refused all prescriptive limits."

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