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Tokarczuk, Olga

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Die Welt - Germany | 25/10/2007

Olga Torkaczuk on the outcome of the Polish elections

Polish writer Olga Tokarczuk expresses her relief at the outcome of her country's elections in an interview with Paul Flückiger: "The Poles are decidedly pro-European. They perceive themselves as Europeans - as West Europeans I'd say. The elections bear this out. Just look at the long queues that formed in front of consulates in Ireland and Great Britain. Many Poles are trying to make a new life for themselves in these countries, but they still have a sense of responsibility towards their home country. I found that very touching. A new Poland is in the making here - one that no longer defines itself in national terms but as a lingual-cultural community." Tokarczuk also points out that election winner Donald Tusk's party programme is very conservative: "I do, however, think it's very unfortunate that Poland lacks a decent left-wing movement. A new generation of left-wingers has yet to emerge here."

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