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Tošic, Ljubiša

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Der Standard - Austria | 12/09/2007

Tribute to European jazz musician Joe Zawinul

The renowned Austrian jazz musician Joe Zawinul died yesterday aged 75. In an obituary, Ljubiša Tošic describes him as "one of the few Europeans who helped shape the history of jazz." Tošic notes that he worked with Miles Davis, who had a talent for surrounding himself with "musicians who injected his projects with originality. The title of Davis's album 'In A Silent Way', the album that pioneered electrical jazz, can be seen as an indication of how important Zawinul was for Davis. After all, it refers to one of Zawinul's composition. Thus Zawinul, who at the time was already moving towards the synthesizer, played a key role in the development of 'jazz fusion'. Anyone who doubted this would be proved wrong in the 1970s. Together with Wayne Shorter, Zawinul founded Weather Report, and this gave his career a boost that secured him pop world resonance. But there was nothing simple about his approach. This is evident in his formally complex hit Birdland, a composition dedicated to the New York jazz club of the same name he used to frequent."

Der Standard - Austria | 27/07/2007

Katharina Wagner's trial by fire in Bayreuth

Katharina Wagner, great-granddaughter of the composer Richard Wagner, has directed her first production at the Bayreuth festival. The premiere was watched carefully, since the director is seen as a possible successor to the festival director, her father, Wolfgang Wagner. Ljubiša Tošic was quite impressed by her staging of the 'Mastersingers of Nuremberg'. "Katharina, condemned to run for the position of successor, could well have squeezed a Meistersinger concept out of the opera-oriented relations of the Wagner clan. Fortunately, she preferred to take the artist's opera seriously as a discourse about tradition and modernity, and to deal with the historically negative reception of the opera, which was Hitler's favourite, and the way its evocation of German-ness has been used. In the long term, this seems like a good investment for the battle of succession."

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