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Toda, Mirek

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Sme - Slovakia | 25/10/2006

Freedom of the press

"Things aren't looking too good in the world as far as freedom of speech is concerned, and we're not just talking about repressive states like North Korea, Turkmenistan and Eritrea, where freedom of speech is still openly suppressed," writes Mirek Toda, commenting on the latest Press Freedom Ranking published by the international organisation Reporters without Borders. "From one day to the next, Russia, where journalist Anna Politovskaya was recently murdered, was put on par with the dictatorship in Belarus. However, the situation has also declined in certain EU countries where you normally wouldn't expect this to happen. Poland is the most prominent example. According to the organisation, censorship has experienced a revival with the Kaczynski brothers' rise to power. Journalists who criticise Catholicism quickly fall out of favour, as do those who make fun of leading politicians, as Germany's 'tageszeitung' recently discovered after it published a satirical piece on President Lech Kaczynski."

Sme - Slovakia | 02/05/2006

'Mladic case' and Serbia's accession to the EU

"The deadline for handing over war criminal Ratko Mladic to the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia in The Hague has expired," Mirek Toda notes. He now sees Serbia "in a very difficult position". Toda is referring to the EU's threat to discontinue membership talks with Belgrade. "This is not the first time the European Union has confronted Serbia with an ultimatum, but each time the EU was persuaded to give Belgrade another chance. Now, Serbia has little cause for optimism. The EU has no alternative. If Serbia doesn't hand over Mladic (and Radovan Karadzic) it won't be allowed to join the Europe Union of the 25."

Sme - Slovakia | 27/02/2006

A caricature alliance against Lukashenko

Four Central European newspapers – Poland's Gazeta Wyborcza, Hungary's Magyar Hirlap, the Czech Republic's Lidove noviny and Slovakia's Sme – have published cartoons in today's editions in protest against the "hard political reality" in Belarus, where "Europe's last dictatorship rules", writes Mirek Toda on the title page. The protest was triggered by the issue of a ban against satire in Belarus, after members of the opposition alliance ThirdWay published caricatures of dictator Alexander Lukashenko in the Internet. "The four newspapers published their own Lukashenko cartoons in today's editions to express their solidarity with those who have got into trouble simply for expressing their opinions." Martin Sutovec, caricaturist for Sme, comments: "The Muhammad affair has demonstrated the power of caricatures. Now the time has come to use caricatures for a sensible cause."

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