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Tkalec, Maritta

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Berliner Zeitung - Germany | 11/02/2011

Stalling tactics risk full-scale upheaval

Although he spoke of harmony, dialogue and security in his most recent speech, Egypt's President Mubarak just wants to cling on to power, the left-liberal daily Berlin Zeitung writes, warning of the explosive consequences: "Mubarak's hugely disappointing message was the result of hours of deliberation and discussion with Vice President Suleiman and the military. For the demonstrators it's completely unacceptable. The country's rulers cling to the illusion that they can still hold on to power with their delaying tactics. But this only shows they haven't understood how profound or how widespread the movement for change is. The old guard and those who hope at the most for gradual change want to prevent more people from showing up for today's 'Angry Friday' than last week. But they may have brought about just the opposite. Massive hopes dawned yesterday afternoon when the military promised that 'each and every demand would be met' and the chairman of the president's party assured the country that Mubarak would resign. Then disappointment broke out even as the speech was delivered. Mubarak is playing a dangerous, irresponsible game and risking full-scale social upheaval."

Berliner Zeitung - Germany | 01/03/2010

Haiti can learn from Chile

Chile's reaction to the severe earthquake shows that people are not entirely defenceless against the power of nature, writes the left-liberal daily Berliner Zeitung, comparing the first measures taken with those in Haiti: "Chile is often hit by earthquakes and from quake to quake the country has tightened building regulations. New experiences were taken account of in construction details, and buildings were made more stable. And when they do collapse, they do it in such a way that cavities are left open. The castrophe protection authorities organise drills, and every child knows what to do in an emergency. Soon after the quake it was clear that Chile is a well-governed country. By the looks of it the first measures have been coordinated and well-planned. In two weeks a new government will enter office, and in this hour of need the incoming president is acting with integrity and lending his full support to [current President] Michelle Bachelet. Many can learn from Chile's example, above all those now planning Haiti's reconstruction. If they do this quake will not be just another catastrophe."

Berliner Zeitung - Germany | 30/08/2007

The Greek state's failure to handle fires properly

Maritta Tkalec sees Greece's present suffering as the result of irresponsible conduct, indifference and negligence at all levels. "Once again the country is acting as if the disaster had come upon it through no fault of its own. The Greeks are well known for wallowing in self-pity and for their victim mentality. Wherever you look, they're busy denying their share of the blame, whether it's for the deportation of Jews from Saloniki, the division of Cyprus, the massacres against Turks and Albanians, the Macedonia conflict or the gaping national debt that was concealed for years and that blatantly violates the EU Stability Pact. The EU may be facing countless Herculean tasks, but one of its biggest challenges is in Greece. Strangely enough, this problem country is seldom talked about within the community - apparently Europe's love of the Greeks also makes it blind. Now the biggest-ever EU relief campaign for a member state has been put into action. It should mark the beginning of serious talks: Greece must sort out its problems."

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