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Tiit, Ene-Margit

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Postimees - Estonia | 04/08/2006

The problem of full employment in Estonia

Estonia has almost full employment and an increasing number of sectors are having difficulties finding workers and are calling for measures to boost immigration. Ene-Margit Tiit, argues that they should use the workers they have more effectively. "Manpower shortages are not a new problem here. They existed in Soviet times when efficiency was poor – and there was an easy solution to the problem: workers were brought in from other Soviet republics. Mass immigration was politically desirable, but its effects can still be felt today. … In the present situation it would be very short-sighted to try to solve the shortages by importing manpower because it would overstrain social cohesion and stability. … Estonia should concentrate on stopping people from leaving. It may be a good thing for young specialists to spend some time abroad, but the mass exodus of bus drivers, nurses and construction workers who receive better pay abroad is evidence of Estonia's poor economic and social policy."

Postimees - Estonia | 17/07/2006

Estonia and alcohol

Life expectancy is lower in Estonia than in almost everywhere else in Europe, and the population's alcohol consumption is to blame. Ene-Margit Tiit recalls Michail Gorbachov's prohibition campaign 20 years ago, which in her eyes was very successful. "The campaign proved that restrictions on availability can indeed lead to a decrease in alcohol consumption – not only did the average life span go up to 66.6, there was also a general improvement in health… But the battle against alcohol can't be won if public opinion is against it; if people think drinking is chic and regard any kind of restriction as a violation of their personal rights."

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