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Tibi, Bassam

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Perlentaucher - Germany | 21/03/2007

Islam's place in Europe

Syrian-born German political expert Bassam Tibi explains his concept of Euro-Islam: "With the Enlightenment, Europe brought forth a 'disenchanted world' comprising a value universalism that is neither ethnic nor religious, and consequently inclusive. This inclusiveness consists in an openness to others. This is no academic jargon, but a reality that I as a Muslim and Arab am familiar with from my own life in Europe. Inclusiveness is what Europe has achieved in the context of migration. What the migrants must achieve could be an attempt to bring their identity into harmony with Europe and its cultural system. Euro-Islam is a vision that aims to bring this achievement about. Despite allegations to the contrary, the European idea is not Christian: it is secular and its sources lie in Hellenism. At the highpoint of Islamic civilisation, the same Hellenism was among the sources of Medieval Islamic rationalism. So there is a bridge linking the two."

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