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Thureau-Dangin, Philippe

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Courrier International - France | 17/06/2011

Philippe Thureau-Dangin on the egoistic Union

German national interests are blocking the Greek bailout, France is hindering the redistribution of EU subsidies and the Flemish want to separate from the Walloons. Everyone in Europe just thinks about themselves, writes the publisher of Le Courrier International, Philippe Thureau-Dangin, in the liberal weekly: "One can seriously ask if the EU hasn't developed into an egotists' club in recent years. Newcomers are promised the moon and then presented with the bill. The old countries hav a firm grip on the levers of power. Above all, France wants to keep its agricultural subsidies and not redirect the Community's budget to more forward-looking areas. Germany is happy to profit from the EU as a large single market, but has no inclination to show solidarity with Mediterranean countries that can't get their finances under control. ... And the Belgians? Well, it wouldn't be wrong to think that the attitude of the Flemish, who want to share nothing - not even the social security system - with the Walloons, is just part and parcel of this widespread European egotism."

Courrier International - France | 04/10/2007

Philippe Thureau-Dangin on democracy

The chief editor of the weekly considers that "Fukuyama was right about the fact that the number of so-called 'democratic' countries is relentlessly increasingly. It is of course greater than in October 1989, on the eve of the fall of the Berlin wall. ... An unprecedented number of free - or almost free - elections are indeed being organised in the world. Is this not reason to rejoice? Not so fast! There is, alas, still a gap between formal democracy and real democracy. From North to South, moneys buys votes and the media and political dynasties, as if by a ruse of History, are settling into the heart of 'democracies'. ... We can of course be contented with the minimal definition proposed by Karl Popper. For this liberal philosopher, democracy is only the possibility occasionally offered to the population to 'refute the people in power', otherwise said, to oust outgoing incumbents."

Courrier International - France | 13/09/2007

Putin is preparing his succession

"Like any good populist - or like any contemporary politician -, Vladamir Putin combines PR with politics. He does not hesitate to wrongfoot the entire Russian establishment and its western peers", stresses Philippe Thureau-Dangin, chief editor of the weekly. "It is nonetheless interesting to see that Russia, considered moribund ten years ago, now succeeding to appear a strategic rival of the United States. An ideological one too, since it is boldly proclaiming its 'slavophile' values set against all westernisers, whether within Russia or elsewhere. This is where globalisation reaches its limits."

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