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Thomsen Højsgaard, Morten

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Kristeligt Dagbladet - Denmark | 15/06/2010

School crucifixes stand for religious freedom

The Grand Chamber of the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg will deal at the end of June with the Italian state's petition for one of the court's former rulings according to which crucifixes in school classrooms violate the religious freedom of pupils to be reexamined. The daily Kristeligt Dagblad defends religious freedom: "Yes, there is and always will be a cross on our [Danish] flag, and yes, naturally there are crucifixes in Italian classrooms. And no, even if both facts have a religious background no one, absolutely no one, is hurt by this. ... Religious freedom is not about society being free of religion but about every citizen having the possibility to worship his god and observe his religion. This also goes for Europe's clear Christian majority. Naturally it's alright to have this or that faith - or none at all. But to use religious freedom as an instrument ... for banning Christian tradition is more or less legislative hysteria."

Kristeligt Dagbladet - Denmark | 26/05/2009

Cutting down on prayer time at schools

Several secondary schools in Copenhagen have recently decided to no longer allow Christian pupils special time out for prayer. The daily Kristeligt Dagblad comments: "The reasons are naturally on the one hand fear that Muslim religiousness could spread uncontrolled and on the other the view that religion should be kept out of public life. As a society we are however shooting ourselves in the foot by putting a stop to active Christian religiosity. Before we know it we could end up with a complete religious sell-out in which so much is thrown over board that nothing is left of the cement that binds us together as a society. Instead we create ugly systems full of control mechanisms and distrust of people's powers of judgement. It is and remains a misguided courtesy towards a minority … when the faith of the majority is so systematically undermined."

Kristeligt Dagbladet - Denmark | 27/09/2006

Growing anti-Semitism in Denmark

In the first six months of 2006, there were as many attacks on Danish Jews as in all of 2005. The country's Jewish community is alarmed, because the attacks have mainly hit people on their way to the synagogue and children on their way to school. Particularly in Denmark's Muslim community, anti-Semitism appears to be on the rise: "In other words, Danish society is now in a position where it must protect one minority and impose limits on another. There are strong indications that this is because the conflict in the Middle East is being transposed onto a Danish context in an oversimplified and biased way. It's embarrassing that a country like Denmark, renowned for having saved most of its Jewish population during the Second World War, is now having to warn Jews not to wear religious symbols like the kippah or the Star of David in public."

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