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Thomas, Christian

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Frankfurter Rundschau - Germany | 07/06/2006

The history of the stadium

Christian Thomas enthuses about the exhibition "Architecture and Sport: from the Ancient Stadium to the Modern Arena" at Munich's Pinakothek der Moderne, saying it portrays the stadium as a "magic place, because as soon as the sacred dedication of the cult is allowed to reveal itself in the game, the good old stadium becomes a place where all links to the rest of the world are broken off." He explains, however, that the history of the arena shows it wasn't just used for sport. It "offers both sides - Elysium and hell."

Frankfurter Rundschau - Germany | 06/01/2006

David Chipperfield builds German Literature Museum

Christian Thomas describes the new building designed by British architect David Chipperfield for the exhibitions and archives of the German Literature Archive in Marbach. "The building that the British minimalist David Chipperfield has designed on the cliff overlooking the Neckar Valley has sharp lines. Chipperfield's literature museum has been built in accordance with an ancient system and is an ABC of construction with foundations, pillars, and beams. This house of literature is therefore nothing other than a Greek temple, even though the architect himself stubbornly, but amiably, denies it. Perhaps Chipperfield would be happy if people were to refer to his austere creation as a Spartan version of a temple of literature."

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