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Tholl, Egbert

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Süddeutsche Zeitung - Germany | 26/07/2006

The Salzburg Festival commences

Director Thomas Hengelbrock opened this year's Salzburg Festival with Mozart's early work, "Il re pastore." The composer's entire oeuvre is to be presented at this year's festival, which coincides with the Mozart Year. Egbert Tholl was enchanted by the light-heartedness of Hengelbrock's production. "Hengelbrock takes care not to overdo it – he plays the game within this piece... In the course of the evening he loses himself in the piece; it follows the rules of the opera and the characters do as they please... It's very sweet to watch these two hours fly by with a smile on your face, but if the audience starts to wonder who entered the stage at which point and why, it is left with a confused tangle of themes. However, no-one need go to the trouble of unravelling that knot because that would only deprive the piece of its light-heartedness."

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