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Thirion, Stéphane

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Le Soir - Belgium | 26/07/2007

Will doping be the death of the Tour de France?

Stéphane Thirion thinks cycling needs a strong man to reform it. "The failure of a system merits a concordat and, in the case of cycling, the revolution needs to be fuelled from above. The International Cycling Union unfortunately lacks a strong man who is serene, placid, measured and strong enough to extract cycling from the quagmire it has sunk into. Why not imitate football's UEFA, which named Michel Platini as its boss? Why not choose a cycling figurehead to lead it , someone to put his foot down, eliminate culprits for life, supervise the length and difficulty of races, get rid of this stupid ProTour? Who else, other than a former famous racer, with an irreproachable past, could possibly save this raft of the Medusa?"

Le Soir - Belgium | 25/05/2007

The doping scandal in German cycling

"Is the dream forever broken ?" wonders the editorialist Stéphane Thirion. "The confessions of the German team Telekom's former racers inevitably force everyone to doubt everything: exploits past, present and future. That a man such as Erik Zabel who is upright, exemplary and irreproachable with his discipline and regularity should confess ten years later to having opened his veins up to EPO, even for just a few days, is chilling. ... [another] sizeable consideration is whether today's cycling is now clean and whether it can be credible when today's professional cyclist pack features former racers, trainers, doctors and even sponsors of varying responsibility from a clearly complicated past. It is a good thing to come clean, even better to clean up the mess too, and better still to completely wipe away every last trace."

Le Soir - Belgium | 24/07/2006

The comeback Tour ?

Correspondent Stephane Thirion reminds readers that this Tour was the last one for its organiser, Jean-Marie Leblanc. "Seventeen years after assuming responsibility for the Tour, Leblanc is bidding farewell with a dream champion ... As if in tribute to a man who had given cycling so much, the 2006 Tour brought together all that was best in the sport: cycling the way it once was, hard-fought breakaways, lapses and stunning feats. For if the world's biggest cycling race remains what it is today, vivacious and beloved by its fans, it owes its longevity to this supremely talented man, one who turned ideas into action and was also in tune with the times. Leblanc was the man of the anti-doping battle."

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