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Thibaud, Paul

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Le Monde - France | 14/02/2007

Paul Thibaud calls for Europe''s revival

The essayist and philosopher Paul Thibaud is worried about the paralysis that has taken ahold of Europe since the rejection of the European Constitution project by France and the Netherlands in 2005. "The running of Europe has largely become negative, limiting without replacing capacity to govern States. Lacking an aim, it clings to backward-looking obsessive fears, those of protectionism and of 'national selfishness'. ... Europe is facing a turning point, the crossing of which is being put off: a turning point that will make it move from a blind-folded policy , following mechanisms, to a policy based on projects and ambitions, that will take it from self-denial to self awareness. It is no longer about self congratulation for having established perpetual peace and national markets, these victories are behind us. By seeing the common future in terms of these answers to past pathologies, we fail to see what we are and we mutually demoralise one another."

Le Monde - France | 29/05/2006

Paul Thibaud on the Europe of nations

"The answers to European issues must be national ones because Europe, for lack of a common political culture, does not for the time being provide a suitable space for deliberation." For French philosopher Paul Thibaud, the failure of last year's constitutional referendums shows the limits of the traditional 'community method'. "This redefining of citizenship, which legitimated the European dynamic, manifested itself in an extension of metanational rights, the mutual neutralisation of states, the opening up of the market and a standardisation of lifestyles. ... We have now had our fill of all this, history has caught up with us, assailing our Titanic: enlargements forced down our throats, migratory pressures, Islamist hostility, American neo-colonialism, the commercial aggressiveness of the new heavyweight countries ...So many disclaimers to the optimistic hypothesis on which Europe was built, so many reasons to begin conceptualising the difficulty of being European."

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