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Tertsch, Hermann

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1.  ABC - Spain | 09/06/2015

Summit of harmony

The mood at the G7 summit was astoundingly relaxed, the conservative daily ABC comments in surprise: "At this year's meeting of global leaders the relaxed ... » more

2.  ABC - Spain | 05/05/2015

Ten almost perfect Merkel years

Angela Merkel has been ruling Germany highly successfully for almost ten years now, the conservative daily ABC observes, noting that the chancellor's only weakness is ... » more

3.  ABC - Spain | 11/07/2014

A new German anti-Americanism

The expulsion of the top representative of the CIA in Berlin is a diplomatic affront and exemplifies the growing distance between the Germans and the ... » more

4.  ABC - Spain | 05/11/2013

Asylum for Snowden would be suicide for Berlin

The public debate in Germany over the idea of offering whistleblower Edward Snowden asylum testifies to political irresponsibility, writes the conservative daily ABC: "What is ... » more

5.  ABC - Spain | 04/10/2007

Kosovo, a threat to European peace

"In the Balkans, the war has been won, the genocide launched by Milosevitch has been stopped and an opportunity has been given to Serbia to ... » more

6.  El País - Spain | 20/02/2007

Hermann Tertsch deplores political use of the past

During a recent commemoration of thousands of Italians who perished under the Tito regime during the Second World War, Giorgio Napoiltano spoke of a "a ... » more

7.  El País - Spain | 05/07/2006

Populism in Eastern Europe

Editorialist Hermann Tertsch recalls that less than 10 years ago, Europe did not shy away from expressing its indignation over the Austrian People's Party's worrying ... » more

8.  El País - Spain | 03/01/2006

Valdimir Putin and the energy weapon

"Russia's backward slide towards 'Sovietism with a tsar' was bound to end with a threat to Europe's security and interests," writes the journalist Hermann Tertsch. ... » more


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