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Tersiev, Svetoslav

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1.  Sega - Bulgaria | 07/05/2014

Schengen ban facilitates Roma deportations

According to EU law, any member state may expel non-national EU citizens after three months if they do not have a sufficient income to live ... » more

2.  Sega - Bulgaria | 28/04/2013

No talk of Europe in election campaign

For the first time since Bulgaria joined the EU in 2007 the subject of Europe is practically absent from the campaign agenda, the daily Sega ... » more

3.  Sega - Bulgaria | 12/12/2012

Macedonia not ready for EU

A concrete date will not be set for the start of EU accession negotiations with Macedonia, the EU foreign ministers decided on Tuesday. In addition ... » more

4.  Sega - Bulgaria | 27/08/2012

Bulgaria under pressure to act on Roma problem

French Interior Minister Manuel Valls on Monday declared he wanted to put the issue of how to deal with Roma from Bulgaria and Romania at ... » more

5.  Sega - Bulgaria | 20/08/2012

Assange in exchange for Pussy Riot

A number of government representatives from Europe and the US protested on Friday the verdict against the Russian punk band Pussy Riot. But with their ... » more

6.  Sega - Bulgaria | 15/08/2012

France chasing away the Roma again

Since the beginning of August the French authorities have cleared several Roma settlements and deported some of the people living there to their home countries. ... » more

7.  Sega - Bulgaria | 12/03/2012

Foreign customs officers good for Bulgaria

French President Nicolas Sarkozy called for a reform of the Schengen Agreement on Sunday, demanding among other things joint supervision of the EU's external borders. ... » more

8.  Sega - Bulgaria | 15/02/2012

Brussels wants to keep Bulgaria poor

The EU Commission wants to place under observation twelve EU countries where economic imbalances have been detected, EU Commissioner for Economic and Financial Affairs Olli ... » more

9.  Sega - Bulgaria | 11/08/2011

Sarkozy's Roma back in France

One year ago French President Nicolas Sarkozy had Roma living in illegal settlements deported to Bulgaria and Romania amid a considerable media flurry. But now ... » more

10.  Sega - Bulgaria | 16/03/2011

EU nuclear plant stress tests a farce

In reaction to the nuclear catastrophe in Japan EU Energy Commissioner Günther Oettinger announced on Tuesday that all Europe's nuclear power plants would be subjected ... » more


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