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Teodorescu, Cristian

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1.  Voxpublica - Romania | 11/10/2013

Finally a Nobel Prize for short prose

This year's Nobel Prize in Literature will go to the Canadian writer Alice Munro, the Swedish Academy announced on Thursday. As Munro is known for ... » more

2.  Voxpublica - Romania | 26/09/2013

Punish dog owners rather than kill the dogs

According to a ruling by the Romanian Constitutional Court on Wednesday, stray dogs may be put to sleep after spending 14 days in a dog ... » more

3.  Voxpublica - Romania | 18/07/2011

University woos students without A-levels

The private university Apollonia in the north Romanian city of Iaşi has announced that it will also accept students without A levels for its fee-paying ... » more

4.  Voxpublica - Romania | 09/06/2011

Romania's print media in decline

In the past two years several leading Romanian dailies have discontinued their print editions and are now only available online. This trend will continue, predicts ... » more

5.  Voxpublica - Romania | 21/07/2010

Romanian counter-report is dangerous

The Romanian president Traian Băsescu finds EU Commission's progress report "hard but fair", however he criticises it as "imbalanced". The Bucharest government therefore plans to ... » more

6.  Cotidianul - Romania | 13/07/2009

Ionescu between France and Romania

This year will mark the hundredth anniversary of the birth of Eugène Ionesco, the French-Romanian writer of absurd theatre. The daily Cotidianul comments on the ... » more

7.  Cotidianul - Romania | 29/05/2007

A breath of fresh air has floated through Cannes

Even the "oldies" are impressed by Cristian Mungius's triumph in Cannes! For years there has been bitter rivalry in the Romanian film scene between a ... » more


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