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Teller, Juergen

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Le Monde - France | 23/03/2006

Juergen Teller and realist photography

On the occasion of an exhibition at the Cartier Foundation, the German photographer Juergen Teller explains in an interview led by Claire Guillot why he turned away from fashion photography in favour of realistic images. "What is perfection? I can't answer that question. I wasn't looking to blaze a new trail, but there were things I hated in the beauty industry - and that I still hate. These touched-up photos in which the models no longer look like human beings ... This puts terrible pressure on women, while growing old is so interesting. ... Having photographed such highly neurotic people, I wanted to capture someone who couldn't care less about his or her appearance. And the person with whom I can be the most brutal and the most honest, is myself. I don't conceal anything. Nudity allows me to reject sartorial conventions."

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