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Tekavec, Vanja

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Delo - Slovenia | 22/04/2015

Food giant crushes Slovenian farmers

As of Tuesday, the Croatian food company Podravka owns 52 percent of the privatised Slovenian manufacturer of baked goods Žito. Given that Žito had regularly purchased around half of the grain grown in Slovenia, the takeover represents a painful defeat for the country's farmers, the left-liberal daily Delo explains: "[Agriculture Minister] Židan must explain to the farmers why the food company Žito now belongs to a company that has an abundance of grain. In addition, Podravka has announced that it will fight for shares of the food industry in the whole region of the former Yugoslavia. ... This is another defeat for independent farmers."

Delo - Slovenia | 14/04/2015

Heineken prevents beer war in Slovenia

The Slovenian beer brewery Laško, once synonymous with national interests, was sold on Monday. Heineken, the world's largest brewery, bought a 51 percent majority stake. The left-liberal daily Delo comments in praise that the sale of Laško came off so peacefully: "Although the number of potential buyers seemed to point to the start of another beer war, the finale was simple: the highest bidder won. ... Thirteen years ago the beer war between [the multinational brewery] Interbrew and Laško [over the Union Brewery] was fought out in parliament. Yesterday, envelopes placed on the table by the foreign matchmakers decided the deal. Selling to the strategic partner seems the right choice now, but above all it frees Laško from the pressures of politics and political interests."

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