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Teixeira Fernandes, José Pedro

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Expresso - Portugal | 25/11/2006

Negotiations between the EU and Turkey are threatened

For the academic José Teixeira Fernandes, the EU has opened a Pandora's box that it may not be able to shut again. "With the 2004 Cyprus accession and the opening of negotiations with Turkey the following year, the problem has become a question of European interior politics. In a recent Commission report, we can for example read that "Turkey continues to forbid Cypriot boats access to its ports'. This is no surprise. Any observer will have already noticed the Turkish strategy of 'parallel diplomacy' with countries in the Organisation of the Islamic Conference in order to obtain international recognition of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. Within the Turkish government and public opinion, there seems to be a growing conviction that the EU needs Turkey more than the other way round."

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