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Teixeira, Antonio José

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1.  Diário de Notícias - Portugal | 12/02/2007

The Portuguese approve the legalisation of abortion.

Portuguese voters have pronounced themselves 59.25% in favour of the legalisation of ToP (Termination of Pregnancy). But because of too low a turn-out, (43.61 %), ... » more

2.  Diário de Notícias - Portugal | 09/02/2007

Portugal about to vote on the legalisation of abortion

On Sunday, February 11th, Portugal will hold a referendum on the legalising of abortion. José Antonio Teixeira, the daily's Editor-in-Chief, looks back on the campaign ... » more

3.  Diário de Notícias - Portugal | 29/01/2007

The difficulty in debating abortion in Portugal

On Sunday, January 28th, several thousands of people in Lisbon took part in a "March for life", two weeks before a referendum where the Portuguese ... » more

4.  Diário de Notícias - Portugal | 28/12/2006

The outrageous consumerism of the Portuguese

In this festive season, Antonio José Texeira, chief editor of the daily, notes that consumerism is thriving in Portugal. "The Portuguese have never been such ... » more

5.  Diário de Notícias - Portugal | 14/11/2006

Europe is losing too much ground in Africa

José Antonio Teixeira salutes the statements of the Portuguese Prime Minister José Sócrates who insisted in a brief speech on the need to reinforce relations ... » more

6.  Diário de Notícias - Portugal | 20/10/2006

Portuguese parliament want a referendum on abortion

On Thursday, October 19th, the Portuguese parliament gave the go-ahead to the organisation of a referendum on the legalisation of abortion. Antonio Jose Texeira, Chief ... » more

7.  Diário de Notícias - Portugal | 02/10/2006

Antonio José Teixeira on Iberian federation

The manager of the Portuguese daily contributes to the debate on 'Iberianism' in the wake of a survey showing that one-third of Portuguese were in ... » more

8.  Diário de Notícias - Portugal | 17/08/2006

The Portuguese authorities disregard for the forest fires

In a single fortnight over 36,000 hectares of forestland have burned in Portugal. Antonio José Teixeira, the managing editor of Diário de Notícias, describes the ... » more


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