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Teir, Barbro

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Hufvudstadsbladet - Finland | 21/07/2006

Measures against the white slave trade

In Finland the first sentences in cases involving white slave trading have been pronounced. On the same day changes to the laws governing foreign nationals were proposed according to which victims would be given special residency permits and time to reflect on their cooperation with the authorities. Barbro Teir welcomes these developments. "Both the police investigations that led to the sentences and the new residency permits signalise that the Finnish authorities are taking these human rights violations seriously. This also counterbalances the at times childish debate on the sex trade conducted in parliament this spring."

Hufvudstadsbladet - Finland | 27/03/2006

Paternity leave

In Finland, not enough men are taking advantage of their parental leave. For this reason the state, employers and trade unions have now agreed to introduce a new model which entitles fathers to 50 working days of paternity leave during which they receive 80 percent of their normal salary. "The fact that everyone is prepared to join in and pay their share of the costs is a great step towards achieving equality in working life. The question now is whether Finland is mature enough to take the next huge and logical step of giving all employees 100 percent compensation while on parental leave, irrespective of sex or area of employment."

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