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Taylor, DJ

Literary critic and novelist

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The Independent - United Kingdom | 29/11/2007

The tricky art of writing sex scenes

The Bad Sex in Fiction Award is given annually to the worst description of a sex scene in a novel. Founded in 1993 by the Literary Review, it has been posthumously awarded this year to Norman Mailer's 'The Castle in the Forest'. The critic DJ Taylor points out that the prize is "there to make a perfectly serious literary point. This is not just that writing about sex has always been one of the most difficult tasks facing any novelist in any age, but that it has become even more problematic since the opening of the early 1960s floodgates, when after the Lady Chatterley trial, it was finally possible to address the subject in any way you chose ... . Like sport, any attempt to pin it down on the page, by a chronicler who generally considers himself a 'realist', will nearly always be compromised by the importation of unromantic physical detail. ... In nine cases out of 10, consequently, the reader who sighs mournfully over the sex scenes with which most modern fiction is liberally sprinkled is not being prudish but simply responding to bad art."

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