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Tavcar, Borut

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Delo - Slovenia | 20/04/2010

Slovenians foster sense of community

250,000 volunteers donned gloves last Saturday to clean up unofficial refuse sites in Slovenia. For the daily Delo the initiative gave expression to a widespread sense of community: "We all are the state, environmentalists say. After taking part in the clean up on Saturday many citizens feel a justified sense of joy and pride at achieving something significant, and good. ... Many hope the action will be repeated. It seems our modern society lacks the opportunity for such concerted efforts. We spend all our time at our computers or in front of our televisions, and never get to know our neighbours. And it seems notice was taken on high. The sun came out after the rain on the day of action. Perhaps this is a definitive sign that everyone will stand by us when we do good."

Delo - Slovenia | 07/12/2009

Uniform environmental protection

The daily Delo predicts that all that will be agreed at the Copenhagen climate summit is to continue negotiations and what the targets are. But the paper notes that an agreement among a majority of countries would have many positive consequences: "If uniform rules were stipulated no country would be allowed to plunder the seas excessively, burn down forests or poison rivers. We've already dealt with the alcoholics and the smokers so why not start imposing restrictions on drivers? Fossil fuel reserves are limited, and for the most part they are in countries that are not regarded as all too reliable. Making greater use of renewable energy sources would reduce our dependence on these countries and would also make the huge pipelines unnecessary. … And if one and a half billion people start looking for green trees and clean water no one will be able to dominate the situation." 

Delo - Slovenia | 04/09/2009

Will Slovenia assert its authority?

Italy plans to build gas terminals in the Bay of Trieste on the border with Slovenia. The Slovenian government has now joined in the criticism of environmentalists who say the terminals could cause major environmental damage in the sea. The daily Delo comments: "Next week when Italy's Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi comes to Ljubljana relations could be less excellent and exemplary than the [Slovenian] foreign ministry describes them as being. … So the main question is whether Slovenia will give in again or whether it will argue with calm authority that the gas terminals don't belong in the Bay of Trieste. The fear that Italy won't be so easily persuaded and that it may have to be sued [before the European Court of Justice] is palpable. Money and also Europe's energy policy are on the other side."

Delo - Slovenia | 13/01/2009

Gas as an excuse for nuclear power

In view of the gas dispute the daily Delo calls for intensified efforts to find alternative energy sources: "The media coverage of the Russia-Ukraine gas dispute has had a pretty clarifying effect. ... The proportion of natural gas in Slovenia's energy mix is relatively low in comparison with other countries. In times of suspiciously frequent gas crises this is a good thing, but not as far as greenhouse gas emissions are concerned. The discussions about secure supplies, potential new pipelines, terminals and storage facilities were immediately resumed - but too quickly. For institutions don't function optimally under pressure. The proportion of natural gas could be increased while reducing the amount of heating oil and coal we use, but it is above all the proportion of renewable energies that needs to grow more than it has so far. ... Our politicians will probably end up killing two birds with one stone: they will use natural gas as an excuse for forgetting our wood and sun energy and building a second nuclear power plant."

Delo - Slovenia | 12/12/2008

Economic crisis pushes climate policy off the agenda

Many politicians forget in view of the global economic crisis that they have committed themselves to conserving the earth for coming generations, comments the daily Delo. The adoption of the EU climate package and the negotiations in Poznań are also being slowed by the crisis, the paper writes: "Some industrial nations have started to repeat the accusations of the biggest developing countries. In these times of economic crisis they have recalled that they could be freed from their committments. But one wonders what the small islands will say to that which will disappear under the surface of the ocean in the next decades even though they did nothing to harm the planet. ... Moreover, the talks are being slowed by the fact that Barack Obama's new government has yet to take up office. Even India and China are waiting to hear what the US will decide on strategies for climate change before they ... even agree to discuss reducing their own emissions. Sooner or later the rich will have to give in, otherwise our planet can expect a far more in-depth cleansing - in the fight for survival. Nevertheless the rich countries are far outnumbered by the desperate poor who have nothing to lose."

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