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Tavares, Miguel Sousa

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1.  Expresso - Portugal | 24/10/2015

Portugal's parliament faces further division

Portugal's parliament elected the socialist Ferro Rodrigues as its president on Friday. Until now it was always the candidate selected by the party with the ... » more

2.  Expresso - Portugal | 03/09/2012

Portugal not recovering despite austerity

Despite rigid implementation of the austerity programme, according to experts Portugal will exceed the agreed deficit target for 2012 by a large amount. The left-liberal ... » more

3.  Expresso - Portugal | 07/05/2012

Portugal's crisis hits only consumers

The discount campaign staged by Portugal's largest supermarket chain on May 1 has triggered a fierce debate about price politics in the food sector. Retailers ... » more

4.  Expresso - Portugal | 30/04/2012

Portugal not emerging from the crisis

Portugal's international creditors once more gave the measures carried out so far to improve the country's ailing public finances the thumbs-up in a report published ... » more

5.  Expresso - Portugal | 22/09/2008

Miguel Sousa Tavares on capatilist con artists

For the journalist and author Migual Sousa Tavares, capitalists and governments are to blame for the current financial crisis: "Who will pay for this? The ... » more

6.  Expresso - Portugal | 14/07/2008

Heads of government at a loss

The state of the world is miserable and the European heads of state and government are at a loss over what to do about it, ... » more


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