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Tauxe, Chantal

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L´Hebdo - Switzerland | 15/01/2015

Switzerland must question its entire existence

After Switzerland has been able to bask in prosperity for years its politicians can now no longer avoid asking themselves some truly important questions, the weekly magazine L'Hebdo writes in view of the turbulence in the country's economy: "Within a year Switzerland has lost two important factors that have ensured its shameless prosperity in the last decade: monetary tranquillity and the confidence that it could recruit the best talents on the European labour market. That's a big loss. ... The smooth-running Swiss economy that filled the state's coffers and kept unemployment to a minimum is experiencing a major earthquake. The party's over, and the politicians will have to give up their tricks and focus on the real problems. Join the Eurozone? Enter the European Union? All these questions they were so keen to avoid are now looking them straight in the eye."

L´Hebdo - Switzerland | 13/03/2008

Is Switzerland right to refuse rubbish from Naples ?

The editorialist Chantal Tauxe bitterly deplores the Geneva authorities' refusal to deal with some of rubbish that the city of Naples accumulated. "Whether or not it ends up disintegrating in our factories, the Neapolitan refuse has besmirched us. We find ourselves with a new sort of environmentalist: nationalist ecologists, appointed Greens or flaky electoral ecologists who don't want to see the Campanile's waste burnt here, even if it were to temporarily guarantee the profitability of our oversized factories. To put it crudely, the Italians are being told to keep their shit! On the perfect ecological planet that these new self-righteous ayatollahs brandish as a reference, waste should certainly be burnt near its source. ... [But] facing climate imbalance and pollution we have to show solidarity and lend a hand."

L´Hebdo - Switzerland | 07/06/2007

Switzerland - a passive member of the EU ?

According to a recent survey, "there is only 17 % of Swiss people left who think that the country should become a full member of the EU", regrets the columnist Chantal Tauxe. And yet, "with the bilateral agreements, Switzerland has got itself a non declared status as a passive EU member. We stick to the EU's rights when it suits us, which is nearly always since the economy is our only compass. We register what the EU decides in our laws, as if it were the fruit of our own genius, feigning to be unaware of its origins. Granted, the dues we pay are less high than if we were members. But we don't decide on anything. We don't propose anything. We are happy to position ourselves like gnomes in the political garden. All this while claiming to have much to teach the EU and the world about democracy, the respect of minorities and human rights..."

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