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Tóth, Ákos

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Népszabadság - Hungary | 07/05/2014

Hungary makes ex-Nazi thug a dignitary

Tamás Sneider, a politician with the far-right Jobbik party and former thug, was named vice-president of the new Hungarian parliament on Tuesday. The left-liberal daily Népszabadság sets out ironically how to make a state dignitary of a violent skinhead: "There's a recipe for how to become a true dignitary in Hungary. In fact there's not that much to it. ... At 20 you hang around with no one but your own group and beat up a couple of members of the Roma minority. But you don't do things by halves: once the Roma's writhing on the ground, that's when you really start kicking. ... If you get a suspended prison sentence, it's not a problem. Then, when you're 34, you take part in a violent storming of the state television station [September 2006]. ... And that's how you become a high dignitary."

Népszabadság - Hungary | 03/04/2012

President by Orbán's good grace

A university committee concluded last week that Pál Schmitt copied his entire doctoral thesis from papers written by others back in 1992, leading to the withdrawal of his doctoral title. According to the left-liberal daily Népszabadság Schmitt was entirely unfit to occupy the post of president from the outset: "Everyone knows that he was unsuitable. Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, who made him a candidate, knew it. Parliamentary speaker László Kövér, who was against Schmitt's candidacy from the beginning, knew it. The committee of the Fidesz party knew it. Fidesz parliamentary faction knew it. Parliament knew it. Budapest knew it. The entire country knew it. And yet Pál Schmitt was elected president because that's what Viktor Orbán wanted. ... He wanted it because he knew that this was just the man he needed in the post one who wasn't pig-headed and would sign any law he was presented without questioning it. And so his incompetence became a virtue."

Népszabadság - Hungary | 10/06/2009

European elections: Fidesz with little room to move

The left-liberal daily Népszabadság writes that the national conservative party Fidesz, the strongest Hungarian party in the European elections, is coming under increasing pressure from the right-wing extremist party Jobbik: "It's no coincidence that after the terrible death of a girl, which was blamed on the Roma without a scrap of evidence, [Viktor Orbán] said that enough was enough (without referring at all to the fact that the Roma had been accused without reason - on the contrary). It's also no coincidence that much of Orbán's time during the European elections went into neutralising Jobbik and proclaiming the need for a unified Right. All in vain. ... Jobbik has already labelled Fidesz its 'adversary'. The right-wing extremist party doesn't just want to put pressure on the Fidesz camp, it wants to hack off a piece for itself. Fidesz' room for manoeuvre has been visibly restricted."

Népszabadság - Hungary | 17/09/2008

Pre-fab residents could decide election

Ákos Tóth reflects in Népszabadság on the problems residents of the country's pre-fabricated concrete residential blocks face: "The roughly two million residents living in Hungary's around six hundred thousand pre-fabricated flats ... could decide the outcome of the next elections. But politicians have little idea how to deal with this mass. ... One problem common to all [residents] is the fact that the buildings are so antiquated. ... In summer they are too hot. ... In winter they have to be heated, but the heat escapes and long-distance heating is terribly expensive. It is the inhabitants with lower-incomes who end up paying the bill. Even during the summer when it's hot the owner of a 67 square-metre flat has to pay an average of around 16,000 forint [around 66 euros] for long-distance heating, ... and in the winter that goes up to about 38,000 [around 157 euros]. This is not easy for someone with a monthly budget of around 150,000 forint [around 620 euros] who has a family of three or four to feed. Something has definitely gone very wrong here."

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