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Tarquini, Andrea

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1.  La Repubblica - Italy | 19/01/2014

Afrika Korps to be resurrected for peace

The foreign ministers of the EU member states are meeting today to discuss the situation in Mali and the Central African Republic. According to reports ... » more

2.  La Repubblica - Italy | 12/03/2013

A coup is announced

Viktor Orbán has fulfilled his own dark prophecy and replaced democracy with autocracy in Hungary, the left-liberal daily La Repubblica complains: "'One day democracy may ... » more

3.  La Repubblica - Italy | 16/03/2012

EU helps prime minister despite itself

Hungarian Prime Minister Orbán has scored a major victory with his populist tirades against the EU on Hungary's National Day, the left-liberal daily La Repubblica ... » more

4.  La Repubblica - Italy | 18/01/2012

EU in agreement for once

With its three lawsuits Brussels is acting against Hungary's lowering of the retirement age for judges, its new central bank law and the lacking independence ... » more

5.  La Repubblica - Italy | 13/05/2011

Between mercy and justice

The verdict against John Demjanjuk is a balancing act between mercy and justice, writes the left-liberal daily La Repubblica: "At a time when the ... » more

6.  La Repubblica - Italy | 19/04/2011

Europe looks away

Europe is not interested in Hungary's new constitution and is thereby ignoring a violation of constitutional principles, the left-liberal daily La Repubblica writes: "God, the ... » more

7.  La Repubblica - Italy | 20/09/2010

The Right humilliates Social Democrats

The arrival of the right-wing populist Sweden Democrats' in parliament is humiliating for the Social Democrats and could have repercussions all over Scandinavia, the left-liberal ... » more

8.  La Repubblica - Italy | 05/07/2010

Election as a sign of political maturity

The results of the Polish presidential election testify to Poland's political maturity, the left-liberal daily La Repubblica writes: "Poland remains European and modern. Twenty-one years ... » more

9.  La Repubblica - Italy | 02/07/2010

The chancellor's end is near

It took three rounds of voting to elect Germany's new federal president and not all the voters within the ruling coalition voted for him. A ... » more

10.  La Repubblica - Italy | 29/10/2009

Female revolution among the Protestants

The left-liberal daily La Repubblica describes the election of Bishop of Hanover Margot Käßmann from Lower Saxony to the office of council chairwoman of the ... » more


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