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Taro, Igor

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1.  Postimees - Estonia | 14/01/2010

Russian Patriarch raises foreign policy hopes

A year after the death of Patriarch Alexy II, the politically influential head of the Russian Orthodox Church, the Estonian daily Postimees examines the foreign ... » more

2.  Postimees - Estonia | 18/12/2009

Chechnya is Russia's festering wound

Fifteen years after the war in Chechnya began the daily Postimees reminds readers that the problems have by no means been solved: "Chechnya remains a ... » more

3.  Postimees - Estonia | 19/11/2009

Russia's strange Stalin cult

On December 21st Russian communists plan to celebrate the 130th anniversary of the birth of Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin. According to the Estonian daily Postimees this ... » more

4.  Postimees - Estonia | 09/04/2009

Communists could benefit from the riots

The daily Postimees compares the situation in Moldova with that in the other "wine republic", Georgia. Although international observers have not criticised the elections in ... » more

5.  Postimees - Estonia | 07/11/2008

Nationalist interests

The Estonian daily Postimees was not particularly surprised by Medvedev's announcement: "Let's say Iskander missiles are indeed set up in the Kaliningrad area. So what? ... » more

6.  Postimees - Estonia | 15/02/2008

Putin's last press conference as president

In yesterday's speech Putin once again demonstrated his ability to manipulate, Igor Taro writes, accusing Putin of using double standards: "[In his speech] Putin lumped ... » more

7.  Postimees - Estonia | 01/10/2007

Deceptive stability in post-Soviet politics

Igor Taro interprets the good results obtained by Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovich's Party of Regions in the Ukrainian elections as a misguided desire for stability: ... » more

8.  Postimees - Estonia | 11/09/2006

September 11 - five years on

Igot Taro contends that September 11 has had the effect of bringing the US and Russia closer – something that would have been unimaginable just ... » more


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