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Taribo, Pierre

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L'Est Républicain - France | 22/11/2007

French judges place Jacques Chirac under investigation

In an editorial Pierre Taribo looks at the decision to formally investigate former French president Jacques Chirac as part of a probe into illegal political party funding when he was mayor of Paris between 1977 and 1985. "It is both sad and symbolic to see how some grand destinies finish when they are suspected of sullying themselves in murky political-financial waters. Under fire from all sides - both for his presidential record with which his successor wants to make a clean break and the 'affairs' with his name is linked - and forced to explain himself in a piece published in 'Le Monde', Jacques Chirac can see just how fast the almighty fall ... But it is also a sign that the culture of impunity, so long a hallmark of politics, is over."

L'Est Républicain - France | 09/07/2007

Domnique Strauss-Kahn running the IMF; Europe's idea, or Sarkozy's?

Pierre Taribo comments in an editorial on French president Nicolas Sarkozy's support for the Socialist Dominique Strauss-Kahn - or DSK - as candidate for the president of the International Monetary Fund (IMF). "Before suspecting DSK of the smallest treason, [the members of the Socialist Party] should remember that the IMF is not a body that depends on the government, and would serve Nicolas Sarkozy. They should also know that the president only jumped on Jean-Claude Juncker, Angela Merkel et Romano Prodi's bandwagon, as they were the first to forward the idea that DSK could manage the IMF. Only, super-Sarko did it in his way, acting like he came up with the idea."

L'Est Républicain - France | 30/11/2006

Nicolas Sarkozy French presidential candidate

"What a surprise! Nicolas Sarkozy is a canditate for the Elysée", comments Pierre Taribo ironically as several regional dailies publish an interview this Thursday, November 30th, in which the French Minister of the Interior officially announces his candidacy in the 2007 French presidential elections. "It will be noted  that, apart from this novel manner of communicating, the surprise effect is feeble. ... His candidacy intervenes in a context where his position is fragile: attacked on the right by Dominique de Villepin who is increasingly keen to take up the gauntlet, he is confronted on the left by a new kind of challenge, launched by Ségolène Royal, incarnation of renewal and star of the socialist party having pulled through the demanding ordeal of the primaries unscathed". The editorialist adds that Nicolas Sarkozy "should reassure public opinion by taking on some sort of serenity that he has yet to show the French."

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