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Tanács, István

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Népszabadság - Hungary | 28/11/2007

Foodstuff controls in the Christmas season

"Advent is approaching and we can expect to see control commandos turning up and tipping confiscated foodstuffs into the compost machine while the TV cameras film away," István Tanács writes referring to the food controls that take place at this time of the year in Hungary. "Scenes like this ... kick off the festival of love. The authorities want to show how concerned they are about food safety and tax revenues. The illegal slaughterers peer worriedly out of the cold stores where illegal workers are re-labelling the meat, and you would think the world was about to be saved. But no, in the long term all the efforts of the controllers are in vain as long as those who were caught red-handed the year before are not sent to jail but allowed to continue practicing their trade instead. The public binning of illegal foodstuffs may look good in the media, but court judgements would be a much more effective deterrent."

Népszabadság - Hungary | 19/10/2007

Péter Balázs proposes a West Balkan union

In an interview with István Tanács, Hungarian economist Péter Balázs answers the question of what chances the West Balkan states have of becoming EU members as follows: "Each individual member must meet the membership criteria, but Serbia could make a great leap forward if it constructed a joint programme for the West Balkans. Serbia is quite low down on the list for membership talks: first come Croatia, Turkey and Macedonia. ... It's as if Serbia had gone to the wrong checkout; the queue it's in isn't moving because of Turkey. The only way to get ahead of other candidates would be a spectacular joint West Balkan initiative led by Serbia and including Slovenia and Croatia."

Népszabadság - Hungary | 17/01/2007

European border regions

Eszter Csókási is Hungary's coordinator for cooperation within the Romanian-Serbian-Hungarian triangle, and member of the board of the Association of European Border Regions (AEBR). She tells István Tanács that border regions of the new member states should be integrated into common programmes: "Euro regions were created in Central and Eastern Europe as well, but they are unfortunately not yet active in international organizations... We should take other border regions as an example. I have seen successful projects that I never thought would have worked. For example, residents in the Netherlands-Germany-Belgium border region have a health insurance card that is accepted in all three countries. Insurers and hospitals in the border region work closely together: If a hospital in Germany has no beds available, a patient is brought to a hospital in the Netherlands, and his doctor comes with him from Germany, to perform the operation."

Népszabadság - Hungary | 09/10/2006

The Hungarian parliament backs Prime Minister Gyurcsány

Hungarian Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsány won a clear victory in the parliamentary vote of confidence on Friday. Prior to the vote, he apologised for not revealing the extent of the country's economic problems before the elections last April. But despite the vote of confidence there was another mass protest in Budapest on the weekend, with renewed demands for his resignation. Istvan Tanacs comments: "The vote of confidence and the prime minister's belated apology are tantamount to an admission by the government that the lying scandal was part of the reason why the governing parties were defeated in the local elections of October 1. This means voters are not just angry about the government's austerity measures but also about moral issues. The positive outcome of the vote of confidence means the government can now concentrate on the reforms. But before it can do this, the mass protests will have to die down to the point where only right-wing extremists - who are a liability to the opposition - are demonstrating in front of parliament."

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