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Tamme, Jürgen

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Postimees - Estonia | 05/08/2014

Northern European PMs only on Twitter

In the first half of the year Finland, Estonia and Latvia have all elected new prime ministers. Alexander Stubbs, Taavi Rõivas and Laimdota Straujuma are seen as new-generation politicians, at ease with the social media. But this also has it risks, the liberal daily Postimees points out: "Each of them has taken the place of a predecessor who has taken up or is due to take up a high-ranking EU post and will have to prove his or her worth quickly if they want to stay in office. The PR teams must help them here. ... But often we don't understand what the politicians are dealing with, or what their views are on important issues. The prime minister who talks about his sport activities on Twitter or keeps a family diary may be a role model for many, but this shouldn't interfere with his daily tasks."

Postimees - Estonia | 30/11/2009

Minaret ban resembles headscarf debate

The Swiss ban on building minarets is reminiscent of the headscarf debate in France but with a few differences, the daily Postimees comments: "The dispute in Switzerland has been going on for some time, but in the end it was the right-wing Swiss People's Party that saw its opportunity and seized it: the economic crisis made it easier for it to explain to citizens why minarets are supposed to symbolise the power struggle with the rapidly growing Muslim immigrants community. In the dispute over headscarves in France other religious symbols like large crucifixes were also removed. In Switzerland on the other hand the minarets which already exist won't disappear. At any rate it's not yet clear whether the ban on new minarets in a multicultural country with around 400,000 Muslims will destroy the peace between religions or even lead to a new conflict between Muslims and the Western world."

Postimees - Estonia | 20/10/2009

Unclear criteria for new EU leaders

The daily Postimees has harsh words for the way bargaining over the posts of EU president and foreign minister has started even before the Treaty of Lisbon goes into effect: "We expect these offices to give the European Union substance and vision. For that reason it is particularly important that the choice should fall on internationally experienced, active politicians with firmly established authority in foreign policy. Nevertheless the choice will no doubt fall on less controversial compromise candidates, all the more so because rather than being voted in directly, the new leaders will be chosen through political wheeling and dealing. As a further aggravation, there are no clearly defined criteria that candidates must adhere to. Instead the bargaining over posts has begun in the back rooms in Brussels while the fate of the Treaty of Lisbon still hangs in the balance."

Postimees - Estonia | 21/06/2007

Rushdie and the cartoon row

Great Britain's decision to give author Salman Rushdie a knighthood has provoked shock and indignation in several Muslim countries. Jürgen Tamme says that although the situation is reminiscent of the cartoon row, the West has learned its lesson from the dispute over the Muhammad cartoons: "So far European newspapers and politicians have refrained from making childish comments that could spark a further wave of protests in less radical Muslim countries and in Europe. Indeed, opposition figures in Muslim states have criticised politicians who describe terrorist attacks as an understandable reaction. So far, unlike during the cartoon row, the rational approach has prevailed. If we succeed in avoiding the mistakes we made back then there will be no need to fear an escalation of the conflict."

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