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Takahata, Isao

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La Libre Belgique - Belgium | 06/03/2006

Takahata's ecological fable

The Japanese filmmaker Isao Takahata, the guest of honour at the 'Anima' festival of animated film in Brussels, talks in an interview led by Alain Lorfèvre about his latest creation, 'Pompoko'. "I had often wondered about 'tanuki'. These animals are part of the Japanese ecosystem, but we no longer know about them in their biological reality. All we have retained is the folklore. In traditional tales, the focus is always on the transformism of the tanuki, their ability to assume a human form. ... In Japan, many tanuki get run over on the roads. Hard to explain this, if they are capable of taking on a human form. The trick was justifying this by putting it down to a loss of their power and consciousness. Like us, they have forgotten their basic instincts. ... I wanted the viewer to see things from the animals' perspective and try to make us understand how our world would appear if seen from the outside."

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