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Taelen, Luckas Vander

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De Morgen - Belgium | 28/10/2008

Trout Hitler style

A cookery programme to be broadcast by the Belgian public TV station VRT in which Hitler's favourite dish was to be prepared has aroused indignation. The programme was withdrawn at the last moment on Monday evening. Justifiably, according to film director Luckas Vander Taelen writing in his column in the daily De Morgen: "No-one at VRT would even dare to suggest broadcasting a culinary programme about the Belgian mass murderer [Marc Dutroux], who killed children in the most gruesome way. So why is it OK to make a programme featuring the greatest mass murderer of all times? ... I don't want to know how he cooked his trout. And in my opinion a public station should not be broadcasting any program that allows even the slightest ambivalence about the figure of Adolf Hitler. The master of propaganda [Joseph] Goebbels loved images that made Hitler look ordinary and congenial: the man behind the Führer together with Eva [Braun] or with his dog or stroking children's heads."

Le Soir - Belgium | 25/08/2006

The Flemish nationalist withdrawal

Luckas Vander Taelen, Belgian journalist and stage-manager, picks up on the controversial remarks made by the Flemish president-minister, Yves Leterme, who declared in a recent interview that the Walloons have little in common with Flemishes."So is there no-one in the Flanders region who understands that Francophones find themselves in doubt when the Flemish president-minister doesn't go beyond beer and football when asked what keeps us together in this country? This really doesn't indicate the least interest for culture in our country. But this double identity of which Leterme is, with a Walloon father and a Flemish mother, rather ironically one of the products, no longer interests him (...) Leterme will reap electoral benefits from these tough remarks, but I fear that with this kind of outburst, the Flanders region is  increasingly becoming withdrawn into itself."

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