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Tabery, Erik

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1.  Respekt - Czech Republic | 26/11/2014

Ukraine's neutrality doomed due to Russia

Czech President Miloš Zeman said on Tuesday that the "Finlandisation" of Ukraine was desirable, meaning that the country should play the role of a neutral ... » more

2.  Respekt - Czech Republic | 29/09/2014

White shirts a must in Czech election campaign

All over the Czech Republic election posters have been put up announcing the local elections that take place in mid-October. Although they don't provide a ... » more

3.  Respekt - Czech Republic | 28/10/2013

Social Democrats don't need a putsch

The Social Democrats (ČSSD) may have won the most votes in the Czech parliamentary elections but their performance was still far weaker than expected. After ... » more

4.  Respekt - Czech Republic | 23/09/2013

Prague's politicians must stand by Roma

Rather than siding with the Roma in the current election campaign the Czech parties are just beating around the bush, the liberal weekly paper Respekt ... » more

5.  Respekt - Czech Republic | 03/01/2013

Counterproductive amnesty in Czech Republic

Czech President Václav Klaus has announced a sweeping amnesty to mark the 20th anniversary of the founding of an independent Czech state. The move will ... » more

6.  Respekt - Czech Republic | 30/04/2012

Czech government a little less wobbly

The Czech government narrowly managed to win a vote of confidence in the parliament on Friday and can now get back to work, albeit in ... » more

7.  Sme - Slovakia | 25/11/2011

Wiretap scandal harms Slovakia's image

Slovakia's military intelligence service tapped the telephone lines of a number of journalists for several months, apparently with the knowledge of Defence Minister Ľubomír Galko, ... » more

8.  Respekt - Czech Republic | 05/09/2011

Czech Roma policy haphazard

At demonstrations against Roma criminality staged in Northern Bohemia on the weekend there were blatant calls for members of the minority to be hunted down. ... » more

9.  Respekt - Czech Republic | 31/05/2010

A disaster for the major parties

The Czech voters were right to punish the major parties, writes the weekly Respekt: "The country now has the opportunity to carry out the reforms ... » more

10.  Respekt - Czech Republic | 23/01/2008

US missile defence and NATO

In the Czech Republic, opposition to a radar station for the US missile defence system in Central Europe is growing. That doesn't make it easier ... » more


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