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Tabard, Guillaume

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Le Figaro - France | 23/03/2015

Far right now permanent part of French political life

The election confirms the end of the French two-party system, the conservative daily Le Figaro comments: "Even if it hasn't gained new ground, the Front National confirms that it's strong and is here to stay. Public opinion - and all leading politicians - have got used to that. The proof? The same people who were alarmed when Marine Le Pen got 18 percent of the vote three years ago are now relieved when her candidates score 'only' 26 percent. So a three-party system - left, right, FN - can no longer be considered the result of a voting anomaly. As of now it's a structural given."

Le Figaro - France | 18/02/2015

French government hangs in the balance

The French government wants to pass by decree the so-called Macron law for growth and employment today, Tuesday. The move would avoid the law being put to a parliamentary vote the outcome of which would be uncertain. The conflict over the reform package could be the government's downfall, the conservative daily Le Figaro believes: "We're seeing a divorce between the two camps on the left. In itself that's nothing new. But until now the laws have made it through parliament. In difficult votes (on the budget, economic stimulus programmes) the psychodrama has been played out in the National Assembly, but the government always won out in the end. This time that looks to be anything but the case, and one can hardly see how François Hollande and Manuel Valls will be able to go 'faster, farther' in reforming the country and modernising the economy, as the president maintained during his last press conference two weeks ago. The main risk for Manuel Valls is that this rift between the leftist camps could poison the climate in the Socialist Party - and in the entire governing majority - at a very perilous time."

Le Figaro - France | 29/09/2014

Hollande loses Senate power base too

The conservatives emerged as the clear winners of the elections to the French Senate on Sunday, winning 145 seats to 112 for the governing Socialist Party. Yet another defeat for the country's president, the conservative daily Le Figaro writes: "François Hollande was ready for it, it's true. Nevertheless the loss in the Senate comes as yet another setback. A second parliamentary front has opened for the executive: until now it had an uncontrollable majority in the National Assembly. Now it has lost its fragile majority [in the Senate] and must face a majority that is hostile to it. For François Hollande, the impact of this vote is less institutional than symbolic. After the losses in the European elections, this Sunday's vote is the second step in a long descent into hell. ... The PS, which had become a party of local notables, is now losing its last bastions."

Le Figaro - France | 31/03/2006

The reform headache

"In the land of Descartes, the 'Discourse on method' remains the philosophical touchstone of choice for those in government. So much so that a prime minister is more often judged on his style than on his policies ... Dominique de Villepin is confronting this reality today in the showdown over the CPE," writes journalist Guillaume Tabard, noting the impossibilty for France to "reform peacefully". "Could Dominique de Villepin's approach have been anything other than what it was, the reception given to the CPE any different? It's doubtful. One need only consider the economic, social, political and 'societal' history of France over the past 30 years: there has not been a single profound reform that has not disturbed some established order and which has therefore not been subject to trial by protest. To believe that there exists an approach that makes reform acceptable is to nourish an illusion."

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