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Szumowska, Malgorzata

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Gazeta Wyborcza - Poland | 11/06/2007

On the path to European films

In an interview the Polish director Malgorzata Szumowska tells film critic Tadeusz Sobolewski why she gave German actress Julia Jentsch the leading role in her new film "33 Scenes from Life", which was made in Poland: "Why should we let language limit our choices ? Thanks to the European actors the film has a chance to attract foreign audiences... For me the main thing is that our film receives as much attention as possible, so why should one barricade oneself off with borders, language or nationalities ? People talk of Polish cinema - we make Polish cinema, they say, and they like it to be about our heroic history and our suffering. But I want Poland to be seen as part of Europe and not as a strange, exotic country. We come closer to this idea with a film in which Polish actors act alongside German and Danish actors."

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