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Szubartowicz, Przemysław

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Przegląd - Poland | 19/03/2007

Polish artists against the Kaczynskis

Przemyslaw Szubartowicz has listened to the new album 'Citizens of the Fourth World' by Polish band Masala Sound System and was happy to hear that representatives of rock and alternative music have now joined the battle against the ruling Kaczynski brothers. These musicians "shout out what they think about the prime minister's insulting an increasing number of social groups. ... In the history of free Poland no other political party has been the target of such hard and unambiguous protest songs as the Kaczynskis. All politicians have to put up with criticism - and a lot of it. But up to now it's always been rather generalised, along the lines that all politics is immoral and that power corrupts and leads to lies and exploitation. There have seldom been teenage protests in which those in power have come under direct attack."

Przegląd - Poland | 27/12/2005

Stanislaw Lem's Dark Prophesies

The famous science fiction writer Stanislaw Lem makes an ominous prediction for the coming years: the conflict in the Middle East and the nuclear armament of Iran will drag the world into a nuclear war. Nor are his predictions for the political situation in Poland any rosier: "Seriously, I've seen so many systems come and go that I'm entitled to gripe; especially considering all I've gone through: Soviet and German occupation, and then socialism and now who knows what's to come. At the beginning of our conversation you asked me about the meaning of life, and I'd like to come back to that now. It all depends on where and when you live. My wife and I sometimes marvel at the things we've managed to live through and how it's all worked out somehow. It wasn't easy, but it worked out in the end."

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