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Szőnyi, Szilard

ungarischer Journalist

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Heti Válasz - Hungary | 23/09/2011

Tongue twister won't boost self-respect

At the Olympic Games taking place in London next year, the Hungarian participants will no longer have the English word "Hungary" written on their shirts but the Hungarian version "Magyarország". The conservative weekly Heti Válasz says focusing on Hungary's athletic performance is more important: "The wisdom of the idea is questionable considering that nothing is more certain to tie knots in a foreign tongue than trying to pronounce the word 'Magyarország'. ... However the initiative is not without precedent. The Finnish ice hockey team will wear shirts that say 'Suomi' and the Russian team is even sporting Cyrillic writing. ... István Kovács, member of the Hungarian Olympic committee, furnished the following explanation: the new labelling on the athlete's clothing will boost the self-respect of the Hungarians. This may be true, but our self-respect would receive a much bigger boost if our Olympic icons were to achieve a few major Olympic victories."

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