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Sznaider, Natan

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Neue Zürcher Zeitung - Switzerland | 09/01/2006

Israel without Sharon

Israeli sociologist Natan Sznaider explains the moral dialectics which have made Ariel Sharon one of Israel's most hated politicians. "He was this country's alter ego; a figure onto which the moralists of this world could project all their criticism. He was their exact opposite. While Israeli doves washed their hands of all involvement, the 'fanatic' Sharon has been doing their dirty work since 1948. Few states are so indebted to international morality for their existence as Israel. The condemnation of the Holocaust and its underlying anti-Semitism owes its force to a revolution in global morality. Over and above the Zionist attempts of the Jews to define themselves as a nation, the Jewish nation has acquired international legitimacy through this worldwide condemnation. The fact that Israeli's legitimacy as a state is based in the global morality of anti-anti-Semitism implies that it is measured against higher moral standards than other states. And that is the basis of anti-Sharonism."

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